How can Pilates help me if I’m in so much pain? I can’t even get down on to a mat? These are questions I here all the time. I believe there is a much better approach to improving pain and healing the body than just pills. The first thing I teach someone in pain is to understand their body and what their body is going through.


The hardest thing to teach someone in pain is to relax! Relaxing the muscles first and foremost to calm them is the single most beneficial thing to do. Then you can start to learn and develop techniques, small quality steps make huge life changing strides. It isn’t possible to stretch inflamed muscles let alone strengthen them.

That’s where Pilates comes in to its own! Just how Joseph Pilates himself intended. The art of putting the body in a position of calm, while strengthening each muscle from the inside out requires practice but is picked up quickly. Once you have learnt the basic principles everything else flows.

Even after the first session. Pilates is slow controlled movement that makes you use precise muscle groups to gain strength and develop tone. 1-2-1 sessions are designed specifically for your own needs. I start with a full medical questionnaire, postural analysis and lifestyle assessment.


This allows me to understand your needs and give you all the advice and support to implement at home to help you too. With each session you will progress in your own time and you will be given mini routines to do at home in between to keep progressing. It is up to you how far you want to go, it is your journey.

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